Kesar Mango Pulp Processing - A Short Description

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Kesar Mango Pulp Processing - A Short Description

Kesar Mango Pulp is prepared using fresh Kesar Mango sourced from our farm in Junagadh, Gujarat. We precisely pick every mango at the right time of ripping to obtain a high-quality of pulp from the same. As one of the preeminent Kesar Mango Producer and Exporters, here we, Ratanpara Overseas jotted down a few things about our offered Kesar Mango Pulp. So, without any delays, let’s have a look at them.

Kesar Mango Pulp - Uses:

Used for making mouth-watering delicacies like:

  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Milkshakes
  • Mango cheesecakes
  • Mango tarts
  • Several other desserts

Kesar Mango Pulp - Processing Process

We ripened and harvest the mangoes from our farm and brought to our facility, where they get washed to remove dirt, dust and remove any bacteria onto them, before pulp extraction.

Then the Kesar Mango Pulp Process involves blanching, deseeding, separating the flesh and obtain the pulp. This pulp further gets packed, as per the industry packing standards to ensure hygiene and safety from any harm to it.

They have a good shelf life and can be used throughout the year. If you want to place your bulk order for the freshly made Kesar Mango Pulp, contact us today. Being one of the leading Kesar Mango Exporters, we can meet your Kesar Mango and Kesar Mango Pulp needs. Besides, we have several other products that you can explore and order, as per your need. Contact us to know more.


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